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Empower 10,000 Colombian Children with Education

DIVIDENDO POR COLOMBIA, 5 de Diciembre de 2019

In Colombia, thousands of children in vulnerable conditions are prone to drop out of school. The story of Eneidys is common in regions affected by violence and conflict. With this project, we offer access to special education for children like her who have been away from school for several years. They are accompanied by inspiring educators, who follow comprehensive capacity development programs and receive pedagogical materials in their schools to help students reach their full potential.


Out of every 100 children who start school in Colombia, only 44 finish secondary education. Every year thousands of children are left behind, becoming individuals at high-risk of falling into child labor, drug consumption, delinquency or teenage pregnancy. Our project offers yearly a new opportunity to 10,000 students who want to return to school and need special support in Atlantico, Valle del Cauca and Antioquia. This project transforms the future of young people into a promising one. Join us!

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